If you would like to volunteer this season please be sure to put that on your child's application or send us a email. 

If you would like to donate or advertise please let us know. Please send us a email for any inquires.  


“Reminders from your child: I’m just a KID. It’s just a GAME. My coach is a VOLUNTEER. The officials are HUMAN. NO college scholarships will be given out today. Thank you and have fun!”


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We are also looking for volunteers who would like to volunteer their time to the kids.

We need:

Director of Scheduling and Referees



Equipment Director

Field Director

The existing board members have covered all of these jobs last season and we are wanting to try to not have to work so hard covering so many jobs. We will do what is needed to ensure our organization is a success.

If you would like to volunteer and have a voice please email us at Registration@springtownsoccer.com

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Springtown Soccer Association

Spring 2020 season games will be played at Springtown Elementary Track located at 416 E. 3rd Street. 

Spring 2021 registration is currently CLOSED at this time.

 You can register anytime online at:


Important dates:

In person sign up's –

Friday, January 8th 5pm-7pm Location - Alvin Ords in Springtown

Saturday, February 20th 9am-11am Location - Pojo Coffee shop/Sweedee Sweets in Springtown

Registration ends – February 20th (no exceptions after this date)

Coaches Draft – March 6th - 9am-12pm (coaches only)

First Game – March 27th / Last Game May 15th - All games and practices are in Springtown.

$75 includes Jersey, shorts and socks.

Please note that we are accepting kids 3-13 and our league is co-ed. If we do not have enough kids/coaches within an age group, they will be merged together. This has been done in the past and it works out great.


*Minimum age to play soccer per North Texas rule is 3.ype your paragraph here.

League Information


Springtown Soccer Association is a  youth soccer league that will serve Springtown and surrounding communities.  

Remember our success in having teams for your kids to play with/against requires participation from you and your friends. So spread the word let EVERYONE you know you are playing with Springtown Soccer Association and encourage them to also join. More kids we have the more fun we can have. Please like us on Facebook and share our page with all of your friends.


We HAVE to close registration a minimum of one month prior to season start in order to have time to order uniforms, assign teams and coaches. PLEASE be sure to use the window of opportunity  to sign your child up. We want every kid to play but we also have to manage it and its a nightmare to add late kids.   TWO  months is more then enough time to "find time" to do it. 

Spring Season

Our spring registration will open every year on Dec. 15th and close in mid February. Specific sign up days are subject to change.  This gives everyone ample time to sign up and it is open for Christmas to allow for a great gift. Our season will start the first Saturday back AFTER spring break. This will get everything done before graduations start. 

Fall Season

Our fall registration will open in June and last until mid August. Specific registration dates are subject to change. Our season starts the 3rd Sat after Labor day and Wild West Festival. This gives us time to get our season in before it starts to get cold. 

Age Groups

We are excited to offer soccer to boys and girls in U4,U6, U8, U10, U12 age groups. The age of a player for purpose of league play shall be the player’s age on December 31 of the current soccer year.   The current soccer year begins on September 1 and ends August 31 of the following year.  Exception: If allowed by the Member Association playing rules, players who turn three (3) years of age during the soccer year will be eligible to play when they turn three (3) if registration is available.  If your child falls in a odd year age group they will play up to the next highest age group (IE  U7 will play in U8).


All games will be played in Springtown at Springtown Elementary  School Or Springtown Intermediate School. 

U4: 3 v 3 no goalie

U6: 4 v 4 no goalie

U8: 7 v 7 with a goalie

U10: 8 v 8 with a goalie

U13: 8 v 8 with goalie

*subject to change, as it is dependent on number of participants

The season will consist of a minimum of 8 games. Our goal is to have a minimum of 4 teams per age group.


Teams will practice two days a week and will typically play one game each weekend.  Most of the practice will be Tuesday & Thursday or Monday & Wednesday around 5:00 or 6:00 pm.  It is your COACH'S choice when you practice, so please contact them. These are just common day's for some.


Coaches will be volunteers/parents.  If you are interested in coaching a team please indicate your interest on the registration form. FREE COACHING CLINICS  will be offered to help those who may want/need some help getting started.

Equipment Needed

Players will need to purchase their own shin guards and soccer cleats.  Shin guards must be worn under the socks and cleats cannot be baseball/football  cleats (which have a cleat on the toe). Cleats are optional although they will help keep players from sliding on the grass.  Shin guards are mandatory.  Players without shin guards will not be allowed to participate in games.

Sponsorship / Advertising
We are currently seeking sponsors and donations to help with start up cost.  If you are interested in helping or advertising please contact us.